The Good Life After School Program is a comprehensive after-school program that combines physical activity, education, the arts, and Service with a focus on college and careers to students grades K-8.


Ballin 4 Life

Ballin 4 Life (B4L) is a 3-on-3 citywide Basketball tournament open to local high school youth. At the tournament students are exposed to knowlege to make better academic, and health choices.


Participants are guided through a path that promotes college matriculation, individualism, leadership, planning ahead, and emotional, academic, and social stability. CT focuses on development of students grades 9-12.



Do The Right Thing Black College Tour

The tour exposes aspiring college students to the world of historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) and gives them a glimpse into why HBCUs are viable choices for students to grow and realize how they will impact the world.


Adult Living

Participants live like adults for 6 weeks of their summer vacation from high school in a college stimulated environment. The program highlights academic and becoming self-sufficient adults.



Can you answer this big question "Do you really give a Damn… about youth education?" This bold and outgoing fundraiser is a call to the community it's a fundraiser centered around youth advocacy and education. Artist and supporters gather for a night of the arts, music, dance, and comedy.